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Get Involved | Make a Contribution

Become a meaningful part of our project by making a contribution of any size! 100% of contributions go straight to the project, helping us achieve our goal of making healthy eating possible for everyone. Nutrition Branched is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We have many goals that we need your help to accomplish!


At events, and for our subscribers, we organize giveaways for prizes that help catalyst healthy eating (such as vegetable boxes, blenders, grocery store gift cards, etc.). Your contribution would help fund these prizes.

Distributing Resources

Distributing printed copies of our packet allows us to reach more people, bringing both budget-friendly healthy eating and "nutrition knowledge" to everyone. Funding also helps promote our video recipe tutorials, among other virtual resources.

Organizing Events

We're planning both virtual and in-person free community cooking classes! Your contribution could help fund community events like these.

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